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The unique taste and texture of fruit juice, without all the sugar. Moist, chewy cookies that are reduced in calories and entirely gluten-free. Pasta and noodles that are rich in protein but replace allergenic ingredients such as soy, wheat, dairy and eggs. Creamy parmesan pasta sauce that’s rich in flavor but lower in fat. Can consumers really have it all? Yes they can. And with science-based problem solving at Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centers, it’s easier than ever.

We’ll help you reduce sugar and calories GMO and allergenic ingredients in your products while maintaining every bit of taste, texture and functionality. With a global network of innovators in constant collaboration with customers and each other, we are always uncovering new ingredients and revolutionary ways to use them. This makes removing ingredients just another way of giving your foods and beverages an edge with consumers.

Create reduced sugar beverages that people can’t distinguish from full-sugar versions. Provide delicious baked goods with lower calories. Create reduced oil or egg dressings that consumers can’t differentiate from full fat or full egg versions. Offer a reduced fat sour cream that matches the gold standard.

Using our lines of starches, non-caloric sweeteners and fibers in combination with our unique DIAL-IN® Technology, a rapid, robust, consumer-centric approach to taste, texture and nutrition, Ingredion can help you achieve your desired parameters to consumer needs quickly. Our formulation, CULINOLOGY® and processing experts make it all straightforward—transforming your better-for-you products into consumers’ all-time favourites.

Reduce calories but keep it juicy

Sweetness and texture systems to help you cut back calories

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