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Managing energy

Consumers are battling an energy shortage: their own. Research shows energy management is a constant challenge for the sleep-deprived. Your products can make a huge difference in their quality of life. The experts of Ingredion, backed by leading carbohydrate research at Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centers, can help you use complex carbohydrates and proteins to sustain energy in just the right way for your consumers.

The penne pasta in your frozen entrée can be a lasting energy source when it’s made with VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins or HI-MAIZE® resistant starch, a unique clean label, dietary fiber proven to support the slow, balanced release of energy. Your granola-style bar can help working consumers stay energized longer with PENFIBE® RS4 fiber, a well-tolerated fiber workhorse, new to Ingredion with the acquisition of Penford.

If you want to stand out in the energy management category, talk to us. Our nutrition experts will share their experience and clinical research—ensuring that you choose the best solution for you and your consumers.

Fiber enrichment

HI-MAIZE® resistant starch delivers dietary fiber benefits
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