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Make digesting easier

We have a deep understanding of the bio-diversity of the gut, including the symbiotic relationship between probiotics and prebiotic fibers in enhancing consumers’ digestive health.

Choose the right fiber to bring consumers all of the digestive health benefits without discomfort and help them meet their daily fiber requirements. Your products can work wonders when our experts help you use our innovative fiber ingredients for meaningful label claims.

NUTRAFLORA® prebiotic fiber, for example, helps increase the level of good bacteria in the gut and is scientifically proven to support digestive health[1]. It is one of the most effective prebiotic fibers on the market today. NUTRAFLORA® short-chain fructooligosaccharides can be easily incorporated into bars, snacks, cold cereal, dairy, beverages—even confectionery. Since NUTRAFLORA® is 30% as sweet as sugar and it has a similar sweetness profile to sugar, with fewer calories, you can also use this prebiotic to reduce sugar in your formulations.

Boost the fiber content of a wide range of applications, from beverages to dairy to bakery, with highly process stable NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber, proven to have a positive effect on digestive health while providing satiety and weight management benefits, all with no digestive tolerance issues.

Let your yogurts, baked goods, beverages, smoothies, bars, snacks and ready meals bring consumers the digestive health benefits that improve their quality of life. Together we can help people optimize their digestive health—comfortably. 


[1] Hidaka K, Eida T, Takizawa T, Tokunaga T, Tashiro Y. Effects of fructooligosaccharides on intestinal flora and human health. Bifidobacteria Microflora 1986 5(1):37-50. Additional citations available upon request.

Formulating nutritional bars

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