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Crispy and crunchy batters and breadings

Looking for that “just right” texture for a batter and breaded chicken, fish or veggie?  Trying to formulate a non-GMO gluten-free version to duplicate the texture of a wheat flour based coating system?  Breadings, batters and coatings add a whole new dimension to foods by adding texture, flavor and appearance.  

Each ingredient plays a unique and complementary role in delivering the perfect texture. Ingredion offers a complete range of starches, dextrins, pulse proteins and flours and also provides application expertise to guide you in designing the best system for your project.

Our pre-dusting starches help to keep batter and breading on meat and fish by improving the adhesion properties.


  • BATTER BIND® S modified corn starch
  • PENCLING® 208

Our clear coating starches are designed to manage moisture and texture while holding on the heat.  Get the right texture, great crisping and a smooth surface without the extra sticking.  


  • PENBIND®100 series modified potato starches
  • NATIONAL® 4302 modified corn starch

A toolbox of starches and dextrins designed to enhance your coating system texture.  From light and crisp to dense and crunchy and everything in between.


  • NATIONAL® 0280 tapioca dextrin
  • NATIONAL® 814 modified corn starch
  • PENCLING® 596 modified potato starch
  • PENNOVO® 00 modified tapioca starch
  • CRISP FILM® modified high amylose starch
  • HYLON® VII high amylose starch

Our diverse range of starches and flours help you to replicate the eating experience of traditional wheat flour based coating systems without the gluten.


  • HOMECRAFT® pea, lentil and fava bean flours

The right viscosity is critical for uniform application of flavors and seasonings and proper coating of a substrate.  These starches help you to optimize your process without affecting the desired texture.


  • ULTRA SPERSE® M modified waxy maize starch
  • PenPlus® 40 modified potato starch
  • NOVATION® 5600 functional native waxy maize starch

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