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Going for delicious in savory foods


Give consumers clean and simple labels, great textures and healthy options in homemade or restaurant quality savory applications. Now you can maximize margins and get innovative solutions that add fresh appeal in soups, sauces, dressings and ready meals.  

By collaborating with our formulation experts, you can:

  • Create easy-to-prepare, chef-inspired savory applications using simple, natural, clean label ingredients.
  • Solve product challenges such as reduced-oil or egg savory products.
  • Achieve the right textures and flavors that also save you money.  

Only Ingredion brings you expertise and ingredients to launch innovative, cost-effective savory products that offer a great eating experience while addressing consumer preferences for health, convenience and simple labels.

Save on savory

Optimize eating experiences and cost

Discover our savory capabilities


Give consumers great texture, simple labels and healthy options in soups.
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Sauces and gravies

Now you can enhance the taste and texture of your sauces and gravies with healthy options and still have a simple label.
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Dressings and Dips

We know how to bring you simple, affordable and satisfying dressings and dips.
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Ready Meals

Build a label that has reduced fat, calories and cost, and satisfies consumers.
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Instantly thicken, instantly delight.

See PRECISA® Sperse 100 instant thickener in action in an instant chicken soup

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