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Create pasta and noodles with the perfect bite

Now you can enhance the texture and elasticity of your pasta and noodles - without flavor interference. Our unique pasta and noodle ingredients are specifically formulated to give your noodles superior functionality that surpasses the competition in many areas including texture, elasticity, fiber enrichment, reduced caloric intake, dough handling, cook time and even steaming and setting. Whether its udon noodles, instant or gluten-free, your pasta will perform with our ingredients.

Now you can produce precooked or cook up pasta that requires only gluten-free ingredients, with the same characteristics and functionality of wheat based ingredients. With Ingredion’s gluten-free systems, expert formulations and consumer sensory testing and analysis, you now have a broader range of ingredients to help you create just the right bite. From native and modified potato and tapioca starches to hydrocolloid gums, vegetable proteins and fibers, we have the ingredients you need for your gluten-free pasta.

  • Improve the elasticity of your noodle with PENCLING® 320 modified potato starch, PENDBIND® 1550 modified tapioca starch, PENPURE® 10 natural potato starch or PENPURE® 60 natural potato extract.
  • Enrich fiber and reduce calories with our HI-MAIZE® and PENFIBE® resistant starches.
  • Fortify with protein and reduce eggs with VITESSENCE™ Pulse protein concentrates.

Cook up a delicious traditional noodle without the traditional frustrations.  Our ingredients help create specific characteristics in your noodles, with flours, starches or other functional ingredients.  Our ingredients improve dough handling and sheeting, while facilitating the setting of the noodles and shortening cook time. In less time and less hassle you can have fantastic noodles that taste like they are meant to.

  • Improve elasticity with PENPURE® 10 natural potato starch and PENPURE® 60 natural potato extract.

Get quick, simple and delicious instant precooked noodles. Our starches shorten cook time and greatly increase the flexibility in noodles to keep uniformity of texture. You won't have to worry about flavor interference or off textures. It's your delicious product, only faster and easier to make.

  • Improve elasticity with PENPURE® 10 natural potato starch, PENPURE® 60 natural potato extract and PENCLING® 320 modified potato starch.

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HI-MAIZE® resistant starch delivers dietary fiber benefits

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