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Meet demand with nutrition-enhanced and reduced-sugar dairy beverages

The dairy beverage market is as dynamic as the rest of the beverage market. Consumers are seeking products with lower sugar content, pure and simple labels, higher protein content, improved mouthfeel, enhanced functionality and ingredients from sustainable sources. Create smoothies, milks, flavored milks and dairy-alternative beverages with less sugar and the right balance of sweetness and texture. Ingredion has the tools and capabilities to support your product development efforts to help keep you ahead of your competition.

Whether you’re looking for better shredding, melting or stretchability in your pizza cheese, improved flexibility of your cheese slice, caseinate reduction or enhanced creaminess in your cheese sauces we can help you.

Collaborate with Ingredion to:

  • Speed the development of your ideas and concepts and get to market faster.
  • Get access to our broad range of texturizing ingredients from different plant sources. With our starches' superior gelling and texturizing properties and our cheese expertise, you'll get a more authentic, more cost-efficient imitation cheese.
  • Get access to pilot plant facilities for quick studies, trials and formula optimization.
  • Validate your results with analytical and sensory evaluations.
  • Achieve reduced levels of rennet casein and caseinates and get the same look, taste and mouth feel with our potato starch - at a much lower cost.

Dairy products present a certain mouthfeel that people expect. Ingredion’s broad portfolio of texture solutions will help you to address your dairy beverage challenges, whether you are looking for a good stabilization that will withstand hard processing conditions or if it is creating a unique mouthfeel experience for a premium beverage.  From starches to hydrocolloids and blends in between, look to Ingredion to provide emulsification, creamy textures and suspension. 

Colliding interests abound between kids begging for chocolate or flavored milks and parents seeking reduced sugar or non-GMO options. Ingredion's broad portfolio of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners creates the toolbox you need to bring your next dairy beverage to market in the fastest way possible. This in combination with our DIAL-IN® sweetness process will help you solve your sweetness challenges to ensure optimal taste and functionality.

Enhance the value beyond what’s inherent in a dairy beverage.  Address the hottest nutrition trends in the market and depend on our broad portfolio of fibers, resistant starches and plant based proteins to help you develop clinically proven health claims.

  • Bone health
  • Immunity
  • Gut health
  • Protein fortification
  • Sustained energy

Our nutrition specialists and dairy applications team will collaborate with you to develop the right formulation for your dairy beverage and processing conditions.

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NUTRAFLORA® ScFOS, improves calcium absorption for bone health claims.

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