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Create the perfect cheese experience

Whether you’re looking for better shredding, melting or stretchability in your pizza cheese, improved flexibility of your cheese slice, caseinate reduction or enhanced creaminess in your cheese sauces we can help you.

Collaborate with Ingredion to:

  • Speed the development of your ideas and concepts and get to market faster.
  • Get access to our broad range of texturizing ingredients from different plant sources. With our starches' superior gelling and texturizing properties and our cheese expertise, you'll get a more authentic, more cost-efficient imitation cheese.
  • Get access to pilot plant facilities for quick studies, trials and formula optimization.
  • Validate your results with analytical and sensory evaluations.
  • Achieve reduced levels of rennet casein and caseinates and get the same look, taste and mouth feel with our potato starch - at a much lower cost.


Get evenly shredded cheese for consistent performance. Our starches for shredded cheese are designed to produce shredded cheese that won't stick or clump. So your customers get uniformly shredded cheese that's easy to use and delicious. Choose the smarter starch for shredded cheese used in food service and salad bars.

  • Casein reduction: PENBIND® 850 and PENTECH® 8500 modified potato starches
  • Firmer rexture: PENBIND 800, 850, 851 and PENTECH 8500 modified potato starches
  • Low fat structure: PENTECH 1852 modified potato starch

Get the perfect slice-on-slice or individual wrap slice. It's so good, even sandwich connoisseurs won't know that it’s an analog cheese. Our starches for sliced cheese are designed to produce that perfect slice - it's thin and firm, yet melts and stretches. Choose the smarter starch for slices used in food service, salad bars and deli counters.

  • Casein Reduction: PENBIND® 1225 , 850 and PENTECH® 8500 – modified potato starches
  • Elasticity improvement: PENBIND 1015 modified potato starch and PENBIND 1550 modified tapioca starch
  • Firmness improvement: PENBIND 851 and PENCLING® 220 modified potato starches
  • Low fat structure: PENTECH 1852 modified potato strach
  • Melt improvement: PENBIND 850 and 851 , PENTECH 1852 and 8500 modified potato starches

A new take on the old block- now it's easier to create imitation block cheese that looks and tastes real. Our starches for block cheese create a block cheese that's shreddable, sliceable and every bit as tasty as the real thing. Choose the smarter starch for block cheese used in food service, salad bars and deli counters.

  • Casein reduction: PENTECH® 8500 modified potato starch, PRECISA® 600 and 601 modified food starches
  • Yield Improvement: PENBIND® 196 modified potato starch
  • Melt Improvement: PRECISA 601 and 602 modified food starch

Achieve the next level of cost savings and functionality

NEW PRECISA® 600 Starch Series, Breakthrough in cheese innovation

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Satisfaction and savings

Innovate with cheese

Cheese consumption is on the rise in many parts of the world and in some countries it’s a big part of the daily diet. Yet rising ingredient prices and the complexities of cheese pose significant challenges. The texture experts of Ingredion are bringing innovative cheese solutions to life, so you can create delicious and authentic cheese products affordably and profitably.

Discover how you can achieve the shred, melt and stretch of regular cheese for a fraction of the cost when you replace protein with starch. Let us show you how to formulate truly delicious vegan cheese. We’ll also help you improve efficiencies and reduce product defects. Put our innovative texture solutions to work for your cheese success.

Cheese: opportunity and expertise

A high-performance, low-cost alternative to casein

PENTECH® 8500 is a casein replacer that reduces casein use levels in cheese products.

Bringing your products to life

Our pilot plants and applications experts are ready to support your new product launch

Innovate to save money

Discover holistic savings throughout your operation with Ingredion. 

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