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Create high performance materials, naturally

Unlock the capabilities of nature in your industry. Create new products, improve performance and enhance sustainability.  Ingredion has been a recognized leader in biomaterial innovation and application development since 1895.  With deep applications expertise in carbohydrate chemistry, starch modifications and polymer science, our experts develop and formulate biobased products that provide economic, functional and sustainability benefits over petroleum derived materials.

Access a versatile technology toolbox with solutions derived from corn, tapioca, potato and an array of biogums. Our experts guide you from consumer and market insights all the way to product launch, helping you incorporate biomaterials into your products and processes.  With a legacy of pushing the frontiers of naturally based polymers, we will work with you to develop sustainable solutions that keep your customers coming back for more.

Discover naturally based ingredients and functional additives in multiple industrial segments

Personal Care

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Household and fabric care

Meet consumer demands with a range of naturally based ingredients that can provide improved rheology, deliver unbelievable softness and release fragrance more effectively.
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With Ingredion’s functional biopolymers, you can meet consumer demand for products with more bio-content and fewer synthetic additives—while maintaining or improving key performance attributes.
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Ingredion has a portfolio of products and technologies that can help you develop green solutions for the construction industry.
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Energy and Infrastructure

Ingredion is developing sustainable solutions that improve the recovery of oil and minerals, advance water purification and enable the production of renewable fuels and chemicals.
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Packaging solutions

Ingredion offers a variety of solutions that make packaging more sustainable.
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