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Design delicious tasting flavored waters and carbonated beverages

Consumers love great tasting beverages. Look to Ingredion to team fruit juices and purees, proteins and soluble fibers, sweeteners, texturizers and emulsifiers to improve the drinking experience. 

Make calories count. Consumers can be reluctant to spend their “calorie budget” on beverages that do not have any additional functional or nutritional value.  It is now common to find limited calories as a call out in the whole value message in successful new beverage launches. Ingredion has a wide range of ingredients to help reduce calories in soft drinks and deliver new and exciting functionalities.

From zero, to any other calorie count you need, we can help you create a great flavored water with an optimal balance between sweetness and calories. Ingredion has a broad ingredient portfolio that’s combined with formulation expertise in unique beverages. We’ll always keep your beverage goals in mind-whether it’s addressing your need for simple and natural ingredients to taking advantage of cost effective, better for you options.

Ingredion has the right sweetener for your carbonated beverages. From ingredients from nature to cost reduction initiatives in classic soft drinks flavor emulsions, we can support your development goals with our technical expertise and application savvy. We offer the only America based stevia supply chain and can trace our products from start to finish- from cultivation to formulation.

Consumers are cutting calories, presenting a great opportunity for your low calorie beverage portfolio. Ingredion can help you achieve the right balance of calories without compromising flavor and sweetness with natural stevia leaf extract, fruit juices or even the classic high potency sweeteners. Together, we can explore ideas to enrich your light and sugar reduced beverages with functional ingredients. Ingredion's proprietary DIAL-IN® Technology will enable you to optimize sweetness and mouthfeel when ingredients are added, replaced or removed.

Produce amazing foams and increase overrun, while also reducing the amount of sugar used per serving (which increases your profitability) with FOAMATIONTM foaming agents. In frozen carbonated beverages where structured and long lasting foam is relevant to your consumers, look to Ingredion’s line of foaming agents.

Formulate for sweet success

Put consistent, naturally based sweetness in. Take sugar and calories out.

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Creating clean label beverages

 Q-NATURALE˚- Emulsifies sparkling and still beverages with actives, intense flavors and vibrant colors. 

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